Monday, April 24, 2017

Two Octets with Cherry Blossoms

Sandy Blvd Springtime Octet
the cherry blossom clusters weighing down boughs
mirror cumulus clouds as through a concave

lens—a lemon yellow façade, a takeout
window with awning, a taijitu’s black &

white swirl against another building; dogwood’s
paradise pink opening over my head,

still sparse on dark tangled branches, unfolding
into blue afternoon: the promise of more


Holladay Park Rain Octet

the magnolia’s pink cups catch the drizzle;
one petal has dropped to the walkway amidst

pointillist reflections of sky’s attempt at
light & cedar’s dark boughs; rhododendron buds

thrust crimson into the air, fountain spouting
arches of water into rain, those benches

in a black metal crescent—kwanzan blooms bend
branches under their damp impalpable weight

Jack Hayes
© 2017

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