Friday, April 21, 2017

Two Octets for Sandy

Light & Sound Octet

after you read the next poem I write, not
this but the one after, you’ll love me; small rain

touches the kwanzan blossoms with its light touch,
perhaps as electric as clasping your hand

in the car under the white streetlight striking
those same blossoms with its shower of photons;

particles of light shimmering in your voice,
sound waves rippling the evening in your gaze


Mississippi Ave Rainy Evening Octet

of course rain came just then, sky between dark &
light, you walking toward me from the other

direction, the one I didn’t expect, past
the pear tree, myself under the hawthorn’s new

leaves because I’ve grown used to thorns; evening
came too, word shower, amber tea, glass cups; comes

night, precipitous, altered, gentle—because
the admirable rain does know its season

Jack Hayes
© 2017

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