Friday, April 7, 2017

Two Octets from Division St

Division St Cinematic Octet #1

that faded arc of prayer flags looks a lot like
laundry across the porch; perhaps this drizzle

adds to the effect, or the gable’s peeling
saffron paint, or the black & white film of three

crows overhead—despite this, the tulip pair
blossoms under the black wind chimes, & I won’t

tell you they’re Technicolor but they could be
two real mouths in a film about forgetting


Division St Cinematic Octet #2

behind three hawthorns contemplating blooming
a string of lit paper lanterns hangs almost

straight & a bicyclist pedals past making
her cameo in the restaurant windows—

in a window down the street two tinsel strands
curve in front of a curtain: the room’s gone black—

that young couple under their superfluous
umbrella casts two blue sidewalk reflections

Jack Hayes

© 2017

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