Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Two April Octets

22nd Ave Satori Octet

electric wind off the MAX train out of sight
behind me, beyond the apple tree’s white eyes

blossoming by the hundreds, my eyes in bloom
too, this sunlight caressing the palmetto’s

fronds, such a head of hair let down in waves of
green memory, sunlight embracing pastel

rhododendrons, laying its radiant hand
on the tea shop’s drawn blinds, reflecting on me


Denver Ave Spring Meditation Octet

two strings of prayer flags & a black bicycle
constitute a porch; this dogwood’s outpouring,

its hundreds of hearts opened to whatever
this honest blue sky with its one white airplane

flying east over the treetops might offer
constitutes spring like that one scarlet tulip,

a cup in its patch of sunlight both empty
& filled past the Japanese maple’s shadow

Jack Hayes
© 2017

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