Monday, April 10, 2017

Two Octets from Last Thursday

Kerby Ave Temporal Octet

cherry blossom snowfall with pink cast after
morning rain, the sight of it puts me in mind of

yesterday as a concept; rain not felt, just
circles flowering in puddles until each

corolla dissolves: pondering tomorrow
scrub jay, now still on the trellis now halting

on damp grass refrains from comment; the flicker
taps in sevens with rests against a plane tree


Mississippi Ave Translation Octet

two magnolias rustle by the bus stop;
I’d like to give their leaves names: alegria,

saudade, violão—& you’d understand—
of course this sky’s a minor chord mingled with

a major chord, like the man selling roses
from a five-gallon bucket at the corner;

every petal given its name too, you see,
in memory of leaves: joy, yearning, guitar

Jack Hayes
© 2017

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