Saturday, April 15, 2017

Two Early April Octets

Mythological Fremont St Octet

evening sky draining off blue making space
for night & the moon as it grows, now floating

amidst gray clouds, wings of big mythical birds,
themselves transmuted from fish in an unseen

river connected somehow to this cross-hatch
of power lines & a corrugated roof

as dark magnolia grandiflora leaves
reach as far as they reach into fading air


Early Morning Mississippi Ave Octet

one crow at the linden’s pinnacle watches
clouds under full sail across a lake of white

light & blue spectrum scattering, north & north
again—two crabapples’ maroon parasols

open in an unsure daybreak, foliage
on the one hawthorn tentative, five tulips

hold their scarlet hands tight as the crow takes off:
people in black hoodies dozing on the bus

Jack Hayes
© 2017

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