Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Dao De Jing 6

Dao De Jing 6

The Valley Spirit does not die,
Her name is the Profound Female.
The gateway of the Profound Female is the root of heaven & earth.
Unbroken yet fine like a thread, seeming to exist;
It works without effort.

Laozi, 道德經
Translation by John Hayes
Unlike with my original poetry & poetry translations, I don’t asset a copyright claim on my translation of the Dao De Jing. It may be freely used under the terms of the Creative Commons license.

Image links to its source at Wiki Commons:
Art of the Ming dynasty明朝1368–1644
Chinese immortal painting of Queen Mother of the West Riding Foo Dog , Ink Color & Gold on Paper Xi Wangmu portrait with the symbols, Scarf with black cloud .
The crown decorated with black heaven cloud, blue-greyish plants, pheonix feather splayed out in nine straight feathers at the top with rising flames,colored water droplet in almond forms,red green blue and in the middle with white for west.

This file is made available by Wiki User King Muh (the link provided with his user name is dead), who makes it available under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0International license.

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