Monday, April 17, 2017

Two Octets from Borthwick Ave

Dreaming & Waking Borthwick Ave Octet

two waxing crescents float side by side across
gray waters, the very definition of

tranquil; this is the onset of the cosmos,
its black & white films, its flickering kisses

on an evening when a single star looks down
on Interstate, cyan blue eye in that space

between twin cherry trees, the real moon turning
its light on my eyes, film projector of dreams


Borthwick Ave Observance Octet

the weeping plum by the playground has shed its
pink tears—where have they gone this morning? beside

concrete steps tulips open their orange cupped
hands as if to catch something falling; a cherry’s

clustered blossoms drop one petal, one petal,
one petal between parked cars; there’s no one else

watching but the daffodils’ hazel eyes, that
Japanese maple moved in an unseen breeze

Jack Hayes

© 2017

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