Friday, February 26, 2010

& the Winner Is... February 26 edition

Mornin'! This was supposed to be up a bit earlier, but there were "technical problems...." Namely, the short video I made this morning announcing the winner refuses to upload in a reasonable amount of time either directly thru Blogger or thru YouTube. Why? No idea—it's not like I was trying to upload a Cecil B. DeMille epic. This being the case, & since I need to leave for the wilds of Ontario, Oregon in the next quarter hour, I'll announce the winner "the old fashioned way."

There were just two entrants in this week's Giveaway Contest, Willow & Totalfeckineejit, both long-time supporters of Robert Frost's Banjo. As it turns out, when I purchased books for Eberle & myself & friends I also purchased 3 extra books for giveaway contests. If you've been following along, you know one of these was given away last week. So, with two contest books remaining & with two entrants....the winner is....


If you'd both contact me at with your respective email addresses, I'll get the books in the mail to you as soon as I can.

Hope all of you wonderful folks who do have a copy of The Days of Wine & Roses are enjoying it, & I hope others will consider buying it, which you can do at the product page on Also, for those who do have the book, or will in the future, please consider either writing a review or rating it (or both!) at that same page. Many, many thanks to Audrey Bilger, who's done just that!


  1. Yay!!! I am a lucky duck! Thanks, John. I am so looking forward to munching my way through your delicious words.

    (Cecil B. DeMille epic...hee)

  2. I've been wanting this book before it was even a book! I'm totally delighted and brimfull of anticipation.Long live the banjo!

  3. Can't seem to send to that email address John.Will keep trying.

  4. You're so very welcome, John. I'm a big fan!

  5. Hi Willow, TFE & Audrey

    Willow: You're welcome--got your email!

    TFE: Glad to think of it going to Ireland!

    Audrey: That's so great!

  6. Willow and Eejit - You're going to love it!


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