Friday, February 26, 2010

Sepia Saturday 2/27/10

Happy Saturday, everybody! I’m posting my Sepia Saturday contribution bright & early this morning—at least bright & early if you’re in the western half of North America. I should mention this will be my last Sepia Saturday for a few weeks—as regular blog readers know, I’ll be on a road trip east until late in March, so I won’t be posting again for Sepia Saturday until March 27th at the earliest, & possibly not until the first Saturday in April. I will try to check in, but weekends are booked pretty solidly throughout the trip.

I’m posting my parents’ wedding picture today in honor of my mother’s 94th birthday tomorrow—yes, folks, that’s not a type: nine-four. My dad passed away in 2005, but he was well into his 92nd year when he died. They were married on November 9, 1941, & had been married for slightly over 64 years when he passed away.

The marriage took place in Quincy, Massachusetts in the home of my maternal grandparents, the Atkinsons (Joseph & Inez), & the honeymoon took my mother & father to Niagara Falls; as I have the story, my dad sold the Leica camera he used to take the photos you’ve seen here in the Dad’s Photos series to finance the trip. They had some car trouble around Albany, New York & didn’t make Niagara until the second day.

My father enlisted in the Navy in 1942 & was sent to Midway Island. My mother stayed in Leominster, Massachusetts where she was working, but moved to San Leandro in 1944 when my father came stateside on leave. She stayed in California “for the duration,” eventually moving down to Ventura. My father returned to Ventura in 1945, & somewhat to my mother’s chagrin, I suspect, they packed the car & headed back for the east, to settle in my father’s home state of Vermont.

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  1. Hi John
    That'a a great "classic" photo of your folks. My Mom and Dad were also married in 1941..April, in Santa Ana, CA. My Dad passed to darn young, in '78, and my Mom is 91.

    Happy Birthday to your Mom!

    Congratulations on your new book of poetry! See all I miss when I get too busy to stop by your blog for a visit. I'm way behind! LOL

  2. I bet your dad never thought he'd see it through to 2005 when he went to Midway Island - at least that's a thought I often think about my own dad, who died in 1991.

    I haven't shelled out for a hard copy yet, but I am enjoying The Days of Wine and Roses. Just been reading

    "Rosie singing Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire in the key of/
    Nothing flat That’s when I’d known it was just about done for..." lol

  3. A handsome couple, John. Please wish your dear mother a happy 94th birthday! Enjoy your trip. Safe journey.

  4. Great photo, John! And Leominster isn't too far from my place in Worcester. Happy birthday to your Mom :)

  5. wonderful photo!!!

    happy birthday to your mother! I hope 94 will be a kind and sweet year for her

    in writing these sepia saturday posts I'm discovering just how many relatives I have that lived long lives - how I wish I had the presence of mind to mine for more stories when they were alive.

    how long did it take for your dad replace his camera?

    have a wonderful trip east - you said road trip, so I assume you will be driving. should you be near cleveland and need a place to crash, or just need a break for a couple and a cuppa let me know!!! depending on when you leave, I'd love to be your host. I'll follow up with an email or fb message.

  6. You have great mementos of your family's history. I've enjoyed sharing them.

    Happy Birthday to your mother! As someone who has both my parents still (in their eighties) I know what a blessing that is!

  7. I love the wedding photo of your parents. I would love to know the color of that beautiful dress! You are so lucky to have your mother alive, and to have such good genes for longevity!
    Enjoy your trip and travel safely.

  8. Hi Linda, Dominic, Martin, Subby, Mouse & Karen (whew!--I'll be making my Sepia Saturday rounds this afternoon!)

    Linda: Yes, I also need to catch up! Thanks for your kind wishes. Interesting that our folks were married in the same year!

    Dominic: I bet you're right! He wanted so badly to make it to 2000--am very glad he did. Glad that you're enjoying the book!

    Martin: I shall do so, & thanks!

    Subby: Thanks! I don't know that part of the state very well--actually, while my sister loves Boston & has lived there since her college years, New England didn't hold much draw to me in my adult years. However, I'm looking forward to seeing it again!

    Mouse: Thanks for the offer! Good question on the camera--I'll look into it! Thanks for the birthday wishes.

    Karen: Thanks for your kind wishes!

  9. Hi Mel: Thanks for stopping by--our comments must have crossed in cyberspace! I'll look into the question about the dress; thanks for the good wishes!

  10. Lovely picture -- my parents also were married in November of '41. Turbulent times -- nice to see them so happy.

  11. My parents were Massachusetts natives, and except for a few years when my widowed mom lived in Florida, they both spent their lives here. My dad died early in an accident, while my mom lived until late last year, when she left us at the age of 92.

  12. (Somehow, I posted this comment on the "My Muse" post, so if you see a deletion, that's me.)

    John, That dress your mom wore for her wedding is right out of "The Barkley's of Broadway's" first number!
    I can really see you in your dad in this photograph.

    I had no idea your dad was 92 when he died, nor did I realize your parents were married for so long.

    I hope you have a wonderful, safe and fun trip. Happy 94th Birthday to your mom. That's quite an accomplishment!


  13. P.S. Your dad enlisted in the Navy at the same time my dad was signing up with the British Army.

  14. That's a great photo and congratulations to your mother for going strong and leading a full life at 94. Have a great road trip.

  15. Happy Birthday to your mother. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Happy Birthday to your dear mother! Sounds like longevity runs in your genes. Just think of how many more years of happy blogging you have! :^)

  17. Beautiful gown! Glad your dad had the right priority - selling the camera!

  18. Terrific history, and the photo looks like my folks'. Lost my mom 2 years ago April and those stories are what we recall now. Hopefully we back up our cyberspace memories, Ha!

  19. Wow: Hi one & all

    Vicki: Yes, turbulent indeed, & with a separation soon to come. But they do look happy! Thanks for stopping by.

    Silver Fox: Yes, I noted on your blog that your dad & my shared one thing, which is no one knew for sure either's birthdate. In my case, Dad was a Vermonter, but my mother is from Quincy, & has fiercely maintained her Boston accent despite the fact that, until 2 years ago, she hadn't lived in Massachusetts since the 40s!

    Kat: That is a great dress, I agree. My dad was 91, but well into his 92nd year. He died at the end of November 05, & would have turned 92 in January of 06. & thanks for the good wishes!

    Ladrón: Thanks on both counts!

    Clever Pup: I do enjoy the Sepia Saturday bunch & enjoy taking part! Thanks for stopping by!

    Willow: The longevity genes do seem to be pretty true. I wonder how many posts I could do in another 40 years!

    Stephanie: Yes, he did the right thing! Thanks.

    Dianne: Yes, the 'net has been good for people sharing these family memories!

  20. Great picture! Your dad looks like he knows that he is a lucky man.

    My father is from Quincy. The Thomas Crane Public Library there is National Historic Landmark.

  21. They were an handsome couple. Happy Birthday Mom!

  22. I have enjoyed your fathers' photographs over the months and it is fascinating to see him in a different context. Have a great trip east - it is just a shame that it will not be so far east that you arrive at these foreign shores. Look forward to more great blogging on your return

  23. Happy Birthday Mom!
    Have A Great RoadTrip John.
    Lovely Photo.

  24. Hi K, steviewren, Alan & Tony

    K: It is a great picture. Thanks!

    steviewren: Thanks for stopping by! Yes, they do look genuinely happy in that photo!

    Alan: Thanks for the kind wishes. There will be posts on RFBanjo throughout the time I'm gone--there will be two pre-scheduled posts a week (Tues/Weds), & I hope to post fairly often from the road. Will be going with wireless-ready laptop in tow, & both the first few days out & the last few coming back I'll be on my own so assuming I have lodging w/wireless (pretty common these days) I'm almost positive I'll be posting then.

    Tony: Thanks!

  25. That wedding dress is gorgeous. Happy birthday to mom!

    Vermont instead of Ventura, eh? Brrrrr. :)

  26. Hi Megan: You got that right! & I think that was Mom's opinion, too. I always wondered what it would have been like to grow up in California--at least I got to live in San Francisco for going on 10 years as an adult.

  27. beautiful story and picture - I especially like your moms wedding dress

  28. Hi Rhonda: Thanks! Glad you enjoyed the back story too.


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