Sunday, February 7, 2010

Photo of the Week 2/7/10

Pigeons taking flight from an old water tower, Mesa, Idaho – Saturday 2/6/10, about 4:30 p.m.

Please check out today's post at The Days of Wine & Roses; it's called La Giaconda & The Shadow; it’s long, but I hope you’ll like it!

In other news: I’m hoping to post a Helix poem(s) for Monday, but that remains to be seen. If no poem(s), then Monday will be a day off.


  1. I so glad I clicked to enlarge - there's so much happening and so many contrasts - barbed wire, blue sky, pigeons in flight, and a mountain of pure white snow.

    deserves to be photo of the week!

    speaking of blue sky it looks like there is some blue trying to peak through the mountains of clouds

  2. Hi Mouse: & thanks--yes, they do need that extra click--this is as large as I can get them on the page. So glad you liked it, & glad you're seeing some blue sky!

  3. I looked at the enlarged photo and a couple of things came to mind: I couldn't help but think of the monkeys in "The Wizard of Oz" and I really like the way you have captured the pigeons with their wings at various angles - straight across like a B-52 bomber, in an inverted v-shape like a bat and a few of them look like McDonald's arches! I like the one that's directly under the tower and just setting off. Great shot!

    P.S. I'd really appreciate your opinion on a poem I've just posted (you just missed it with your earlier visit). It's my first rhymer in a while.

  4. Hi Kat: Thanks! I left a comment for the poem--if you have specific questions, just drop me an email & I'll be glad to help!

  5. Lovely photo - in the enlarged version, the birds' wings look fluid, like ink.

    I'm glad I came across this blog!

  6. Hi HKatz: Thanks! I've also enjoyed looking thru your Sill of the World blog today--an interesting site if any other commentors see this. Glad you found RFB, & do come back!

  7. I like it. :)

    After reading through some of these comments, though, I think I need to go back and enlarge it!

  8. Yes, definitely worth it!

    The barbed wire, the rust, the clouds, the wings...

    A great shot!

  9. Hi Ginger: It was kind of an accident--I was trying to get the pigeons perched all over the tower, but just as I was snapping the pic, they all took off--fortunately it wasn't all a blur in the image! I also took one of them on the water tower, but it isn't as good.


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