Tuesday, February 16, 2010

“The Scent of Vinegar”

[The next B.N. poem—please enjoy!]

The Scent of Vinegar

for simple things,
a child, fortune,
you love a woman
much like yourself.
At night she prays
the whole house smells
of vinegar. She has been
rain. All night long your dreams
rise to the ceiling and evaporate.
By morning the cups
rattle more and more,

setting dyes.

© to the author 1983-2010


  1. Hmm, vinegar and cups.
    Hmm, mardi gras and lent.
    Hmm, dye and easter.
    This touches so many symbols in me!

    well done.

  2. Hi Dianne: Glad you enjoyed B.N.'s poem, & thanks for entering the book drawing!

  3. i saw colored egss and splashed table cloth.

  4. Hi Glenn: Glad you liked it. I wouldn't read much Easter symbolism into this poem however, since the writer is an orthodox Jew.

  5. Why does the house smell like vinegar??

    My mom used to make pickles, and that's all I can think of! How I'd get mad, if I was fixing to have company -- especially a date coming over! -- and here are empty jars and cucumbers all scattered around her stinking, avocado-colored kitchen.

    I'm guessing from the other comments, it has something to do with easter??

    I imagine someone of the Jewish faith could make Easter eggs, same as an atheist can put up a Christmas tree. In fact, the only Jewish person I've ever known in my whole life once gave me some easter-egg shaped candles.


    Rambling tonight.

    Is today Ash Wednesday, or something?

  6. Hi Ginger: When dying fabric, vinegar is used to set dye, & since a lot of vinegar is used, it would smell strongly in the house. Actually, as Dianne & Glenn noted, the same process is used (on a much smaller scale) when decorating Easter eggs. You do have a point that a Jewish person could color Easter eggs--however, B.N. is a very devout Orthodox Jew & I can't see her participating in rituals having to do with a Christian holiday--of course, I have the advantage of knowing the author--she's a good friend--so I couldn't expect others who don't know her to get that. I actually spoke with her on the phone yesterday & she said she had no idea vinegar was used in decorating Easter eggs since she'd never done that.

    Don't worry about rambling--always enjoy your comments.

    Yep, today is Ash Wednesday.


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