Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy (Belated) Birthday, B.N., & Book Giveaway Update

Friends, I’m here to tell you that I’ve been derelict in my blog host duties! A very key contributor to this blog & a very good friend just has a birthday, & yours truly simply spaced it out—fortunately, B.N. was good-spirited about this oversight.

So please join me in wishing a happy (2-day-belated) birthday & many, many happy returns to B.N., Robert Frost’s Banjo’s own mystery poet & a great friend to me over the space of many years—in fact, I’m very much looking forward to visiting B.N. & her husband Yaakov & their pugs Simon & Olive on my trip east. & thanks again to B.N. for making her beautiful poems available to this blog’s readers.

A bit of news/clarification on the contest. It came up in a comment yesterday that people might be thinking they could only enter a comment on Eberle’s Monday post on Monday itself, & so now a person would be restricted to entering only on the Thursday post. This isn’t the case—you can make one comment entry per post on the Platypuss-in-Boots post for Monday 2/15 &/or Thursday 2/18 (link not available at “press time”) any time between now & midnight tomorrow night. Hope that’s clear. If it’s not clear & you’re interested in the book giveaway, please leave a comment or email me directly at

Remember, comments have to be on Platypuss-in-Boots posts for Monday 2/15 &/or Thursday 2/17, maximum two total entries per person (one comment per post), & the comment really needs to make some reference to the giveaway.

It’s great to see some people express interest in the book, & a few have sold, too, since the giveaway was announced, which is of course really fantastic. Thanks one & all, & good luck both to those already entered & whoever may join them in the last day plus.


  1. Happy Birthday, BN! I've enjoyed your poetry!

    John - I'm ordering the book!

  2. Indeed, Happy Birthday. And what an intriguing photograph

  3. Hi Tony, Karen & Alan

    Tony: Duly noted--thanks!

    Karen: B.N. is up to some interesting things writing-wise these days--hope to have more after the Journey Music ms is done! Thanks so much for ordering the book!

    Alan: The photo is heavily photoshopped--I took it in 85. The real photo is a regular color snapshot--taken the same day as the pic of B.N. that's in the sidebar.


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