Thursday, February 25, 2010

Grace #1

A smoky-gray evening fraught with black-headed grosbeaks, when time passes thru you & casts a shadow—you’re at the confluence of what must be & what might—& radio voices echoing in outer space beyond the cell tower glinting in blush rose sunset atop the mesa

You could reach for the sky but you couldn’t touch it—the phosphorescent planet off to your left—the thin dime moon to your right—the smoky-gray air fraught with hummingbirds & a helicopter’s fixed pulse—you can hardly help but think about deserts: crows swooping giddy over Owyhee fossils & petrified wood & the one diner standing wooden & tin-roofed between Jordan Valley & McDermitt—spiked Joshua Tree March blooms & an abandoned diner its windows boarded with plywood at the Mohave’s northern edge—a black upholstered armchair on the porch in a Nevada ghost town—the sunrise whitewashing mineral deposits across rocks & sand & hot springs

A serving of coconut cream pie in a chrome & linoleum diner in Needles, CA—a wrong turn at Barstow towards the City of Angels—an angel-winged begonia blooming in a February corner beside a glass-top table—a piper betle’s heart-shaped leaves spilling off a shelf below an icon of Our Lady of Mercy—a mulberry dress with gray print a china bust of the BVM a dormant poplar—time passing thru you & casting an echo across the porch

Jack Hayes
© 2010

A new sequence of four poems that I'll be posting here & there over the next couple of weeks. By the way, if you want to enter for the Days of Wine & Roses book giveaway, best drop by Eberle's Platypuss-in-Boots blog & leave a comment on today's post &/or Monday's. Limit two entries per person, one entry per comment mentioning the giveaway on each post!


  1. I love "thin dime moon". And now I have to make a coconut cream pie and it's all your fault.

  2. each turn of phrase is pure perfection - phosphorescent it

  3. Hi Willow & Mouse

    Willow: Coconut cream pie is great isn't it! Glad you liked it.

    Mouse: Thanks so much!


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