Tuesday, February 2, 2010

"Know What to Expect"

[A poem from B.N., the next in the series:]

Know What to Expect

In winter it is
always poverty-
stricken. The blue coat, Good Will,
the brown shoes, Salvation.
Trains and rates of exchange
are never exact. The Mafia
coins protection,
silver is change,
and destiny is a set
of tracks left in the snow.
I spend my life as I
always knew I would:
at the window—
small-boned and
the day is gone.

So, finally you confess,
the drowsy eye sees
the stars with long tentacles,
the sky with its enormous
blue-smear, the kid with his
minute red kite,
the surface tension
the way electricity
scrambles on the water
of pools. It was here
that we first recognized prophecy,
seven light-years

Let's just say
seven dark ones.

© to the author 1983-2010

Know What to Expect appeared previously in Gulf Coast


  1. Yikes! Powerful and really frightening! Thank you ... I think.

  2. Hi Reya: B.N. definitely can express a dark side very eloquently.

  3. I am so enjoying this series. She is very talented!

  4. Hi Willow: Glad you're enjoying B.N.'s poems, & you're right about her being very talented!

  5. If B.N. has a book(s) I would very much like to purchase one.

  6. Hi T: I'll pass that along. Unfortunately, she doesn't at this time--a fair amount of mag publications but no book, which is a shame.


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