Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Two More Octets

22nd ave octet

mauve crocuses rising like the lawn’s desire,
delicate, sure, but headstrong, insistent in

front of a balconied stucco house; next door,
seven pink lawn flamingos variously

faded from sun, but not today’s sun, circle
sleeping tulips—of course they’ll wake up, & I

might see that too; elsewhere, an empty window
box once painted barn red, now peeled to raw wood


mississippi ave octet

where the Chinese evergreen oak lets down its
green hair, so generous, the filaments burn,

amber triangles in teardrop bulbs dangling
between posts; of course the Japanese maple’s

waking up back of the slat fence; down the street,
two Mylar heart balloons float on white ribbons

near locked bicycles; after walking six miles
it seems safe to say desire is infinite

Jack Hayes
© 2017

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