Tuesday, April 21, 2015



The sun,
the sun was with me ,
like a slender woman ,
in yellow shoes .

Twenty fathoms deep
lay my faith and love
like a two-toned blossom.

And the sun passed
over the unsuspecting blossom 
in yellow shoes.

Steinn Steinarr ("Solin" in the original Icelandic)
Translation by Sheila Graham-Smith © 2015

From Wikipedia:

Steinn Steinarr (born Aðalsteinn Kristmundsson, 13 October 1908 – 25 May 1958) was an Icelandic poet.

Many Icelanders regard Steinn Steinarr as their greatest poet, although he remains almost unknown outside of Iceland, due perhaps to a lack of effective translations of his poetry.

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Nature morte avec des tournesols sur un fauteuil (Still life with sunflowers on an armchair): Paul Gaugin. 1901. Public domain