Saturday, February 4, 2017

two albina ave octets



picket fence, chicken wire, broken tiki lamp
laid against peeling paint on white clapboards, one

tire, a dirt pile, a black wading boot attached
to a downspout, boxwood hedge draining green to

yellow, serape with big scarlet stripe hangs,
fading curtain in one window—wheelbarrows

on the lawn, one tipped on end, the green metal
one on its side: afternoon won’t come together


five-gallon soy sauce bucket with jagged rim
presents its pyramid of empty bottles

topped by a Coke pint with a broken neck: so
much for the parking strip—bicycle rims sunk

halfway in soil make a garden fence for spent
roses; the front step hydrangea’s petrified

blossoms are on the nod; next door a copper
flower pot holding nothing at all today

Jack Hayes
© 2017

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