Thursday, June 25, 2015

That Summer Feeling (revisited)

Hello, friends! Hope you all are enjoying your summer at least as much as I have been.

From time to time a good friend sends me an email that begins with words to this effect: “As much as I enjoy your last blog post, it has been up for a really long time.” It’s true. Blog posts have been few & far between on Robert Frost’s Banjo this year. I used to fret about that sort of thing, & it’s true that at one time there were daily posts here, & even after that frenetic pace slowed down, there were still regular series & such.

For a lot of reasons, that has slowed down for a few years. I used to fret about it, but not so much anymore. I’m glad the blog is here to return to when I can, & I’m also content that there may be significant gaps between posts.

To a large extent, my life in Portland has been an active one as opposed to the more contemplative life I lived in Idaho during the blog’s first years. Though I still face challenges, my health is the best I’ve enjoyed in years, & for the most part that’s thanks to a dramatically increased activity level—walking five miles a day, playing softball from February through October, & regularly attending tai chi classes. I suppose I could chronicle these activities, especially as they might be of interest to other people with chronic lung issues, but I simply haven’t done so. For those who are really craving more regular updates about my activities, I do keep a blog for one of my softball teams, the Underhanded Compliments; however, I’d say it is of considerably more interest to the team members & their close friends & families than to a more general readership.

But the summer is here. & to celebrate it, I’m sharing (again, but the last time was 5 years ago!) one of my favorite songs about the season. Beautiful music, & amidst the fun of the rhymes & images, some deep thoughts about seizing the day.