Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Two Late January Octets

28th ave octet

burgundy, zaffre, gold balloons on ribbons
float at the parking lot gate; three bare maples,

bark almost white where moss hasn’t taken hold,
gesture without regard for geometry—

mural of Sun Wukong, lance brandished: curved bridge,
clouds circling clouds, triangular coral mountains—

green building’s roof notched where the catalpa bough
inclines then juts upward, receiving one crow


willamette river octet

white throng of gulls across the black Willamette
afloat under the seawall or thrashing air

in parabolic flight between light towers;
a scrub jay’s shrill invisible outburst from

green flood of arbutus & bramble below
the Eastbank Freeway; south of the Morrison

two cormorants share a log where current swirls,
each lifting dark wings as though flying in place

Jack Hayes
© 2017

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