Tuesday, February 28, 2017

mississippi ave octet


the heavenly bamboo’s topped in new scarlet
growth, & the spurge foliage curls, fringed violet—

a pastel blue banner with pink gold purple
floral print ripples in a breeze, balloons sprout

beside the planter’s Lenten rose; crabapple
holds last year’s fruit against this impossibly

azure sky: guarding a red door a wooden
Ganesha plays the flute, holding one carved note

Jack Hayes
© 2017

This is the final poem composed for the new collection (though not the final poem in the book in terms of sequencing), & it may be the final poem from the new collection to appear on the blog. The collection is titled Crow on the Wire & will be available for purchase sometime in March if all goes according to plan. It will be available in the usual places: lulu, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, & I’ll post more about this in due course, with all the relevant links & so forth.

Robert Frost’s Banjo is going on a brief vacation for the remainder of the week, but will return on Sunday, March 5th with the Sunday Music feature. See you then.

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