Thursday, February 2, 2017

three esplanade octets



a song sparrow alights amidst red cane bramble;
leaves flutter every time its tail feathers twitch—

& madrona’s berries have disappeared
except one vermilion berry sparkling in

sunlight amidst twigs & leaf fall; mullein stalks
rise beside the walkway, dessicated blooms

perpetuating last autumn—but see! pale green
rosettes spread ungainly leaves in the new grass


amongst the promulgation of padlocks clasped
to the fence overlooking the river’s flow,

a rusted iron heart fastened with a pink
lock, a black lock dangling below both incribed

with names that needn’t be mentioned—two big logs
float ineluctably toward the Burnside Bridge

midstream, one stripped of bark, wood glazed almost red:
like love, nothing about that current lingers


past the web of the sweet gum’s branches, its few
remnant seed pods & leaves not yet released to

the water, two cormorants are moving south
against the stream—a butterfly bush halfway

down the bank suspends last August’s dried blossoms
between water’s cryptic lines & sky’s pages

of cumulus & light coming all the way
down to the pussywillow’s proffered catkins

Jack Hayes
© 2017

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