Tuesday, June 8, 2010

"Winter Marriage"

[Another beautiful lyric poem from B.N. - enjoy!]

Winter Marriage

Consider, how consistently the light gets less
in the rim of the window, then the room,
the way we grow quiet each night at 8 o'clock.
It has been a winter of arguments, broken clocks
and black-outs. We aptly call these silence and darkness.

Given enough time I can make sense of anything,
our tracks in the snow, the snow filling the forgotten
boots next to the back stairs, the clay pots
on the sill, the TV and our heads
in R.E.M. sleep.

I know that the geese, afraid to be overcome by snow travel
In a constant V and sound a hard call back and forth, knowing
both their shape and sound as imperative.
Sense has a pattern like snow and sleep
or silence and darkness.
                              And here we are the power concealed in it.

© to the author 1983-2010


  1. Superb. Couldn't fail to enjoy.

  2. ((sigh)) That's all I have to say.

  3. Hi Dave & Willow: Thanks to you both for stopping by & appreciating B.N.'s excellent poem!

  4. hmmmmm, re-reading it many times.
    the mood matches my strange and wild questions about the rhythms this month....
    thank you

  5. I'm sighing with Willow ... Lovely, lovely, lovely.

  6. Hi Dianne & Nana Jo: Thanks! B.N.'s poems are always a compelling read.

  7. There is just something about B.N's poems which is so enjoyable. Every time I see one come up I know I am in for a treat. It is something to do with balance but it probably shouldn't be analysed too much. Just enjoyed.

  8. B.N.'s poetry demands more than one reading. I always enjoy these poems. Thanks to you both!


  9. Hi Alan & Kat

    Alan: The great thing about B.N.'s poems is that they work whether you analyze them or not--which is a touchstone of very good poetry!

    Kat: You're very welcome; for myself, I feel it's a privilege to publish B.N.'s poems on this blog. They deserve to be much more widely known.


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