Thursday, June 17, 2010

Prop 8 Trial Coverage

Please check out our good friend Audrey Bilger's coverage of the California Proposition 8 gay marriage ban trial on the Ms Blog. Why is this important reading for everyone? Human rights issues aside, it turns out that, according to pro Prop 8 (i.e., anti-gay marriage) lead Attorney Charles Cooper, the real reason why California needs Proposition 8 isn't for gay couples, but for straight couples. Curious how this topsy-turvy logic works? Check out Ms.

Thanks for the fine coverage, Audrey. You're a blogging star!


  1. Thanks, John! I don't think many people recognize that opponents of same-sex marriage want to control straight people's marriages, as well. They favor "biblical marriage" and patriarchy. First, they come for the gays...

  2. Hi Audrey: Thanks for making the connections!


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