Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sailing at Night

Good afternoon, friends! This post is somewhat in the way of a test in preparation for Friday’s new series, Homegrown Radio. If you’re seeing the post, it most likely means the test was successful.

& if you’re curious, the embedded mp3 is something I came up with a couple of years ago when Eberle & I were writing music for a dramatic production of Tove Jansson’s novel, Moominpappa at Sea. It’s a simple thing played on the baritone uke—two chords (as I recall, & for those who care about such things)—C, in several incarnations, & D minor (ditto). It was literally a case of having those chords & 3/4 time in my head & turning on the recorder. I think it worked out ok. Can’t recall if I’ve used this music as a slideshow backdrop—if so, my apologies to long-time readers!

Hope you’re having a nice day.


  1. I really like that photo of the lighthouse. Your music reminds me of the simple happiness of little moments. I hope you're having a nice day, too.

  2. This is nice; it reminds me of the type of film scores used in the old Canada Film Board movies that came out in the '60s (which seem to have been the preferred films to show us Jr. High and High School students in Balimore County, MD, back then). A very reflective, gray Autumn sky kind of feeling.

    And I see you signed up with DivShare. Good move!

  3. Hi Nana Jo & Roy

    Nana Jo: I can't remember where I found that photo. The original is in color; I photoshopped it; it was the cd album cover. Glad you liked the song!

    Roy: "reflective gray autumn sky kind of moment"--I think it was something like that. I was incredibly sad & probably more than a bit reflective when I "composed" that! Yes, DivShare's up & running for the Homegrown Radio project!

  4. I love the song and the cd cover/photo. Nice work, as always, John!

  5. Just gorgeous John, flat out.

  6. Hi Karen & Scotty: & thanks to you both. Glad you both liked the tune.

  7. This music inspired instant relaxation and happiness. That should happen more often. Thanks!

  8. I have moved me speakers into a more convenient setting. Carried out sound tests. All ready for the series now.

  9. Hi Christine & Alan

    Christine: So glad you enjoyed it!

    Alan: Thanks to the magic of Blogger scheduler, I can assure you that short of massive interwebs failure, the series will be kicking off tomorrow as planned. Glad you're ready!


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