Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Due to Circumstances Beyond Our Control….

We’re running just a bit behind today! In fact, the power went out here yesterday evening about 8:00 p.m. & was off until about 11:30 this morning. As a result, the timing of blog posts has gone just a bit haywire. The usual Tuesday L.E. Leone poem will be up shortly, & will be both the post for this afternoon & for tomorrow, while I'll be motoring northward to the far reaches of Montana on a pilgrimage to hear Rory Block. Pretty sure there will be a post on Thursday (first Thursday of the month, so more poetry, this time with Robert Creeley), & then back with L.E. Leone in her Sister Exister guise for Friday’s Homegrown Radio!

As I get L.E.’s poem together for posting, thought you might enjoy a few pix of the happier parts of the power outage: Eberle’s wonderful breakfast cooked on a small Coleman stove: scramble composed of organic Yukon Gold potatoes, farm fresh eggs from my Farmer’s Market gig, green peppers, onions, mushroom’s, our good friend Heather’s homemade feta cheese, & bacon. This was really good!

Yours truly, by request, sang for his breakfast!

Back shortly with L.E. Leone’s latest Dating Poem!

breakfast songster

kitchen sink?


la pièce de résistance!


  1. That scramble looks yummy! Amazing what you can do when you have to.

    I hope you "kissed the cook"!


  2. Hi Kat: It was! & you bet! Eberle has always been a great power outage cook.

  3. It actually can be fun if it isn't too inconvenient. You had a great meal.

  4. Well, it doesn't look like you suffered much in the breakfast department! YUM! Glad you're back up and operational.

  5. Hi LD & Willow

    LD: That's the thing--if you can put aside the inconvenience & go with it--& if it doesn't last too long!--it can be fun.

    Willow: It was yummy indeed!

  6. well when life handed you lemons you sure made some fine lemonade, or should we say when the electric company gave you a goose egg you made a delicious scramble!!

  7. 'Breakfast songster' is a great title. Someone in every household should have that designation.

    I can't form an opinion about the taste of bacon - but the other ingredients sound delicious.

  8. Hi Mouse & HKatz

    Mouse: Good one!

    HKatz: I guess I'm the songster (in the sense of singer) here! Thanks.


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