Friday, June 18, 2010

Homegrown Radio 6/18/10

Time for some more Homegrown Radio with Earl Butter—so let’s get right to it & see what Earl has to say about this week’s songs!

It is weird to think that I was singing the underwear song to my cat, but I was. I think the logic to it is airtight. It makes more sense than any song I've ever written. It's recorded throught the pinmike, very quickly before I ran off to work one morning. It made me realize the beautiful beautifullness of my voice, and how great it would be if there were more of me. I am super proud of that song. Even with all the motorcycles going by my window.

I threw Meadows in there, too. It is also the greatest song ever written and was the soundtrack to that little movie I made. Feel free to show that, too.

& we are showing Earl’s movie, complete with the greatest song ever written as a soundtrack. Enjoy!




  1. Nice harmonies on the Underwear song! It almost sounds like some of the sea laments New England coast folksingers dig up. Although I don't believe I've ever heard one of those being about a whole town going combat.

    Meadows is a hoot!

  2. Hi Roy: Yes, there is a bit of sea chantey in "Underwear"! & so glad you got "Meadows"--I think it's great.

  3. The Meadows video is one of the best things ever on the internet.

  4. Hi Scotty: Absoltuely! Thanks for giving this a plug on FB!

  5. What an eccentric performance! A man after my own heart.

  6. Hi Dominic: They did break the (butter) mold when they made Earl! Thanks.

  7. Love, love it! I have to play the underwear song for my grandchildren! Earl is a kindred spirit. Isn't it great that they come in such varied hues and notes?!

  8. Hi Nana Jo: Please forgive the late response! The fact that you'll share the underwear song with your grandkids surely marks you as both a brave & good person! Glad you liked it!


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