Tuesday, June 29, 2010

"Dating Poems" (installment #6)

[Here's the latest LE Leone poem for your enjoyment. Since this was very late posting due to a power outage, this will be the top post thru Wednesday 6/30!]


After he left I sat
by the fake fire pit
on the sidewalk outside
that surfer burger joint
and cried. I didn’t think
I could do this anymore,
this people-meeting, even
though I love meeting
people and want to meet
one to love. But the funny
thing that isn’t funny at
all is that I’m not supposed
to be here right now. I was
one of the lucky ones, who
actually met and fell in love
with and was loved in return
by the love of her life and
soul mate and so on and so
forth and so, yeah, I cried a
little into that fake fire pit.
This really has nothing to do
with Zack, who I liked very
much, but who didn’t like me,
which is fair enough
but I thought about how, as
a child, one of eleven, I
used to love being alone.

L.E. Leone
© 2010


  1. There's a clear voice here, and I can both see and hear her. That last line resonates with me. For all my wishing to have time alone, I still want to be connected. Do we all?

  2. I connected with this. If you are writing from the voice of a young girl it is amazing. I lived in a surfer town. I can relate...maybe too much.

  3. One of eleven? Oh my gosh. I like my space, but I don't like loneliness.

  4. Hi Karen, Neetzy & Willow

    Karen: Yes, we do. Glad you enjoyed LE's poem.

    Neetzy: Glad you liked it! The poet, LE Leone, is a woman. It is a sad poem.

    Willow: Yes, LE really has 10 siblings!

  5. all I can say is, I have a great time at your website. a truly enjoyable place to hang out.
    you live a good life! it shows.

  6. Hi Dianne: So glad you liked LE Leone's poem--thanks!


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