Monday, May 24, 2010

Stay Tuned for Homegrown Radio

Homegrown radio - real music by real musicians - a new series on Robert Frost's Banjo starting weekly on Friday, June 4th, & continuing until....

Interested? I sure am. Here's the deal: each Friday from June on, there will be a post showcasing a home recorded song from one of our many musician friends. I want to feature one musician per month, & in June that musician will be none other than Earl Butter of the Buckets. If you've been a long-time reader, you may recall Mr Butter's interview during the Musical Questions series. If not, you can get acquainted with Earl right here.

I also want to thank Scott Houston of the Mighty Lynch Pins, who will be featured himself within the next few months, since his blog Overjoyous gave me the idea. Scott's in the midst of posting a song a day throughout the month of May on this blog, & they're all home recordings. I really recommend taking some time to check out Overjoyous. You also can check out Scott's own Musical Questions interview on Robert Frost's Banjo right here.

Finally, there are no rules for the Homegrown Radio series except that the music mustn't have been recorded in a professional studio. It may have been recorded on a cassette tape in a boombox or on a sophisticated home computer system, or anything in between, & it can be solo or ensemble work.

I know there are a few blog friends who make music & this series won't be limited simply to "3-D" friends (as the blog term goes); if anyone is interested, please just drop me a line. I should say that the slots are currently filled thru September!

Stay tuned for Homegrown Radio with Earl Butter, Friday June 4th.


  1. A very nice idea, John. I'll be making sure I have the best reception possible!

  2. I look forward to the series. Ah, if only I wasn't tone deaf.

  3. Hi Martin, Alan & Willow: So happy that this idea sounds good to you. I'm excited about it, & so are the folks I have lined up so far to participate. Thanks again!

  4. Now this I'm really looking forward to, John. What a great notion.

  5. Sounds like a great series. This should be fun.

  6. Hi Dick & Jacqueline: Thanks to you both for expressing your interest--Dick: any interest in contributing down the line? Please consider!


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