Thursday, May 13, 2010

“Hang On Little Tomato”

Happy Thursday, all!—& here's hoping it is a happy Thursday in your world. If not, perhaps this quick post may help—because we all sometimes need someone to tell us to “hold on, hold on thru the night.”

& thanks to the folks who do indeed let us know that when it's what we need to know.

& thanks to the wildly eclectic Pink Martini for the tune.

But be sure to check back tomorrow for my review of Natalie Merchant’s new 2-cd poetry & music release, Leave Your Sleep.

Until, then—“hang on, little tomato!”


  1. The sun is shining and I'm sipping a ghost 'pink martini' as I gear my soul and body to finish packing up the house. 'Soon I'll be defined'. Yes. 'I'm hanging on'... My feet are dancing now. Lovely. Thanks for that. 'Twas greatly needed.

  2. Hi Nana Jo: Isn't that a sweet song? Glad you liked it.


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