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Adams County Makes the News - Council Leader #9

The Council Leader
Published every Thursday by the Council Publishing Company

James A. Stinson, Editor, Ivan M. Durrell, Business Manager


J.A. Carr reports that his new bungalow, which is being built on his ranch east of town, is nearly completed.

W. E. Freehafer stepped on a rusty nail the other day and is confined to the house with the injured foot.

For pasture on Haines place at Vista, see Sam Ashley.

Hot drinks served at Billie Brown’s.

Remember that Mrs. Bert Kilkeny makes the finest bread, cakes, pies, etc. you ever ate. Also sells fresh candies and cigars.

Cranberries and blizzard lanterns at Rainwater’s Grocery.

I am prepared to serve you with all kinds of tonsorial work. Frank Weaver.

Don’t waste your feed; get it chopped at Cool’s. Chopping only $2 per ton and you save one fourth of your feed.

B.F. Shannon, the shoemaker, is still here.

January 3, 1912

The people of Long Valley want a new county created out of the northern portion of Boise County. They elected a senator and representative on a county division platform last fall. The Long Valley people pay about 55 per cent of the taxes of the county, have to go through four county seats, the state capital, the state of Oregon and take a stage ride at each end of the line to get to their county seat as it stands today. They will have a railroad the entire length of the valley this year, and this will add great taxable wealth to that section. The people who want division have pioneered and made that country into a prosperous and independent one and they should have what they ask.

January 3, 1912

There is no question but that our town needs an electric lighting system, one that is reliable and reasonable and one that will not demand too long a contract, for with the vast amounts of undeveloped water power in Idaho, it will not be many years until electricity will be furnished more cheaply than it is at present.

February 8,1912

To whom it may concern:

We are sure having the time of our lives and seeing things.

Yesterday we left Los Angeles at 7 a.m. on a Pacific electric loaded with round trip tickets for San Pedro, the port of Los Angeles. This harbor is owned and controlled by the city and in time will be a fine harbor. Next we embarked on a large launch of a nephew of ours for an ocean spin. Other nephews and nieces arrived with baskets loaded with good things to eat. When all were loaded, we made a bee-line out of the harbor and were soon riding the wonderful swells of the old Pacific.

I can’t find words to describe that trip. Wife just went wild with delight and I, well, I shall never forget that ten mile run down the coast toward Frisco, surrounded by all kinds of craft, sail boats, motor boats, fish boats, and ocean steamers. On this trip we saw two genuine Simon whales. They were monsters and not over 200 yards from our boat.

We returned to the harbor about 4 p.m. and took the car for the aviation field and witnessed two flights, it was wonderful. We returned to Los Angeles about 7 p.m. fully satisfied that we had seen more in one day than any other pair of “hay seeds” that ever cut loose from Idaho.

As far as climate is concerned, they have the goods here, but it is a rich man’s country, and when it comes to viewing it from a poor man’s standpoint, I would have to take a little time to consider several things. Land along the coast of southern California sells from $600 to $1000 an acre. Such land in Idaho would be worth about $50. I figure it this way: climate $550 and land $50. But they have no trouble selling it, and in a very short while it will be scarce at $600 on account of the canal boom.

Respectfully submitted,
H. E. Warner

compiled by Eberle Umbach


  1. I enjoyed Mr. Warner's letter from Los Angeles - but Simon whale? I googled the term, and found that lots of people have that name -- I even found an article called "Julian Simon, Whaling and the 'Good News'" - but nothing about a Simon whale as such. Is that another name for a grey whale?

    "As far as climate is concerned, they have the goods here, but it is a rich man’s country..." Heh. Some things never change.

  2. Hi Willow & Sandra

    Willow: We still have tonsorialists in Council, tho I'm not sure if they know that's what they are!

    Sandra: That's right about things never change! I tried to Google "simon whale" & discovered that he is on both Facebook & LinkedIn.

  3. p.s. to Sandra: It's possible Simon Whale is also on Twitter. Just so's we know.


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