Tuesday, May 18, 2010

"Dating Poems" (installment #3)

[L.E. Leone's Dating Poems sequence continues!]


Something tells me you
are full of yourself, something
else: now who the hell else
would he be full of?

Planetarium eyes, I want you, want
to watch, gaze, listen, I’m afraid
They say that, musically, you sink
every ship you step into
I say, hey, let’s build one
out of banjos and milk cartons!

You say you don’t dream

No problem! I dream
for both of us, jangle plink
plink toc toc


I could take it as a compliment I
suppose that men would have heart
attacks and car accidents on their way
to see me. Or:

I could date younger men.
Without drinking problems.

No, I don’t need a note
from your cardiologist, I believe
you. Belief, big man, is not
the problem.

L.E. Leone
© 2010


  1. banjos and milk cartons, wonderful!
    I know a guy, Joe Craven, who built a mandolin from a bedpan, and a guitar from a cereal box.
    ....bed-pan-do-lin. Seriously, in California. Look him up!

    love these poems, and your tunes

  2. Hi Willow, Raquelle & Dianne: & thanks all for being fans of my friend L.E. Leone's poems!


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