Monday, December 22, 2008

Ukes for Peace

I just ran across this item on the Ukulelia blog, & wanted to get it posted on Robert Frost’s Banjo asap—it was posted on Ukulelia a week ago, so I’m a bit behind my time. As faithful readers here know, the uke is dear to my heart, so I love to see it come up in something as idealistic & hopeful as “Ukes for Peace,” an organization that’s devoted to bringing Israeli & Palestinian children together as part of a ukulele orchestra in the towns of Tira and Hod Hasharon (not far from Tel Aviv).

Needless to say, this is a very worthwhile organization, one that’s trying to address one of the most tragic & impossible situations—& a situation that, as it currently stands, has powerful ramifications far beyond the Middle East, but most importantly now generates daily strife & misery for the people who are directly affected. There are a couple of ways to support “Ukes for Peace”; there’s a cd available for a $20 PayPal donation, & there’s also a tab ebook—with tab put together by some big names in Ukedom such as James Hill, Mark Nelson, Brian Hefferen & Dominator. The book is $15 until Christmas, & then $17 thereafter.

So any ukers out there (or, as far as the cd goes, any uke music lovers), this is a chance to make a small, relatively painless contribution that could make a difference to an organization with a really important goal.

The pic above is taken from the Ukes for Peace site.


  1. Have you heard a singer/songwriter named Melvern Taylor? He's from Boston, and the uke is his main instrument. Taylor's album Fabulosois quite good -- the guy seems to be able to write hooks at will. You can preview it on iTunes.

  2. No, I'm not familiar with him-- will check him out. As I understand it, Boston area has a thriving uke scene. One of the two bloggers at Ukulelia is a Boston guy.



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