Sunday, December 21, 2008

Happy Hanukkah

to any & all Robert Frost’s Banjo readers who celebrate the Festival of Lights, which began today at sundown. It’s a beautiful holiday: a celebration of the miracle of light, coming in the dead of winter—a profound thought about providence & hope & even eking out resources.

& on the lighter side, Hanukkah brings the delightful dreidel & the wonderful latkas. Oddly, I also associate a different form of potato pancake with this season, the sort as my mother used to make from the mashed potatoes left over from Christmas dinner. I believe egg is also involved in that form, tho they don’t have the wonderful hash brown texture of latkas.

Happy Hanukkah—especially to my sister Naomi, her husband Morty & my niece Jessie & nephew Ethan!

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