Friday, December 19, 2008

B Jungle Online

I know quite a few folks were intrigued by Bernie Jungle’s guest blog here in the Musical Questions series—well, now you can follow Bernie online & get news of all his great band projects, as well as learn about life on an organic farm in the wilds of Sonoma County, CA—Bernie now has his own blog, here. I certainly enjoyed checking out the first few posts myself—they’re nicely interesting, & as I’ve noted elsewhere, I really appreciate blogs that naturally allow the writer’s subjectivity thru; Bernie has a nice style as he begins to write about his life & work. & for anyone who might miss this post (horror of horrors), bjungle will be listed in the Blogroll here on Robert Frost’s Banjo under MusikBiz.

So welcome Bernie! & dear reader, please check Bernie out—& please note his post on his band Me3 (an excellent group for young & old alike); he has a suggestion for you procrastinating Xmas shoppers.

The pic shows Bernie Jungle performing on Shirley as part of Lipsey Mountain Spring Band; Chris Leone is playing banjo uke, & Joshua Housh in playing upright bass

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