Friday, December 5, 2008

December Twilight

You just never know about December in Indian Valley …. this is autumn still according to the calendar, & as you can see from these pictures taken yesterday on a hike to the mailbox (which takes its place along with those of a few far-flung a ways down the road), it still looks autumnal around here. But there was a cold wind cutting thru the sunlight yesterday afternoon & evening, something you can’t see in these photos, & there’s snow predicted from Sunday on….

I can’t say that I look forward to the wintry weather…. really haven’t done so since my high school days as a scrub hockey player. During almost 15 years first in Charlottesville, VA (where winter weather is rare, & certainly not an annual event) & then in Baghdad by the Bay (where real wintry weather is unheard of), I didn’t miss that season—I figured 27 Vermont winters were enough to last a lifetime; then I moved to Idaho on January 13th 1998—ah well, it’s really been a lovely fall this year—these beautiful seasons one can’t hold onto….

The neighbors' pasture

The pink sky: eastern clouds reflecting the sunset….

Similar view as backdrop to one of our big cottonwoods

The garden in December twilight

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