Friday, December 26, 2008

Indian Valley Christmas

We got a real old snowstorm Christmas Eve thru Christmas morning; as I mentioned in yesterday’s post, we might still be at the Hermitage on top of Mesa Hill a few miles from home were Eberle not such a bold & skilled winter driver.

We spent a quiet Christmas at home—we’d had plans to travel to McCall, but couldn’t get out of our driveway (in fact our road wasn’t plowed till mid-afternoon)—& ventured out into a pleasant winter afternoon to tak
e some pix of the aftermath. It’s not always so snowy here, since we’re in the lowlands (by Idaho standards)—less than 3,000 feet above sea level.

Here's some of the scene:

The first pic shows a tamarisk at the corner of our house with snow cradled in its boughs

Our cat Weenie climbing thru the snow; a photo really doesn't do her epic ascent justice

Our old house, with various garden objects buried in the foreground
—including a trellis that's around 4 feet tall

The county grader plowing Whiteman Lane on Christmas afternoon

Tho it's not a fantastic pic, I couldn't resist: a quail in a pear tree

One of Eberle's garden sculptures capped with snow
—Eberle took this pic

One of the bird feeders, with a junco waiting for me to go away; note the left side is bent
— the feeder was catapulted off the post when snow came crashing off the porch roof


  1. Hello John, its great living in the country. Stumbled upon your blog, loved it and would like to return?
    Best wishes

  2. Hello Blue in Green:

    Your blog is fascinating; yes, please do return to Robert Frost's Banjo when the inclination strikes you-- hopefully, often.

    John Hayes

  3. Thanks and I have added a link too.

  4. Snow is so beautiful...until you need to get around and discover that your county govt has no interest in clearing neighborhood roads.

    I must say that if you're going to be snowbound, your place looks like a nice spot for it to happen,

  5. Your home looks so lovely and cozy...I especially like the dark cat in the snow.

    And to you and your wife: Happy New Year! I hope 2009 will be wonderful for you both. :)

  6. Thanks for the good wishes Ginger-- actually, for clarity's sake, the house you see in the pix is our "old" house not in the sense of "this old house," but in the sense of "we don't live in it anymore." It's a 90ish year old farmhouse-- very old by standards of the West, & a lot more cozy to look at than to live in. Our new house is a stone's throw away, but didn't make it into any of the pix.

    K: You're right about snow, tho actually our county-- for one of those rural western counties that relied on Craig-Wyden for road money-- does the best it can. I used to cover county politics for the local paper.

    Happy New Year all.


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