Sunday, July 18, 2010

Photo of the Week 7/18/10

Truck House, Lake Fork, Idaho
  Saturday, July 17th

Please check out today's post at The Days of Wine & Roses; it's the next poem in the A Few More Fold-Out Postcard Sonnets series.


  1. That Truck House has Cro Magnon written all over it. Love it!

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  3. Sorry, bad typo first time around.

    I'm guessing this was once someone's happy home?

  4. My dream home. T. and I are moving to Lake Fork yesterday.

  5. Oh I love this photo. I would happily adopt the thing if it could be transported over here (don't tell the Good Lady Wife though).

  6. Hi Cro Magnon, Martin, K & Alan

    Cro Magnon: I have always loved that truck house, built by a good friend. thanks for stopping by!

    Martin: It's been used as a guest house as long as I've known about it. Lake Fork is about 5,000 feet in elevation & the winters there would be brutal in that I think--but there is a wood stove.

    K: You'd love the folks whose property its on--this was taken yesterday during the wedding dinner for their daughter Molly.

    Alan: Mum's the word! Thanks.

  7. A fabulous bit of America. Love it!!

  8. Love this picture! I didn't even realize one could make a home out of a truck.

  9. Hi Willow & Raquelle

    Willow: Yes, indeed!

    Raquelle: You really ought to see the west--housebuilding is conceptually different out here!

  10. Idaho, huh? Because that's a very Maine thing to do, too. "Ayuh, the truck, she just died right there (THEY-uh)by the side of the road, and the view was so good we just decided to build around her and settle right in!"

  11. LOL! Plus, no one in Maine ever wasted a perfectly good truck.

    There's a great line from a Maine mechanic in the old Jimmy Stewart movie The Glenn Miller Story. He looks over the band's dilapidated, broken down bus and says, "Could be worse. Don't know how."


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