Friday, July 30, 2010

Homegrown Radio 7/30/10

It’s Friday, so I hope you’re ready for some Homegrown Radio.  This is our last week with Sister Exister, but don’t worry—Homegrown Radio won’t miss a beat in August as we’ll have a musical offering from Carrie Bradley Neves every week.  Carrie is a fantastically talented musician & songwriter, & has played in groups such as Ed’s Redeeming Qualities, the Buckets, the Breeders, 100 Watt Smile & the Great Auk.  If you’d like to check out Carrie’s Musical Questions interview here on Robert Frost’s Banjo, you can do so right here.

But I’m glad we have one more week with Sister Exister—& don’t forget, you can check out her fiction & poetry here on alternate Tuesdays in her incarnation as L.E. Leone.  Now, let’s see what Sister Exister has to say about this week’s song, “Bowling Ball.”

Well, the percussion took me forever this time. The beat's a little ambitious for me. The bassline I played on the e-string of an old beater beach guitar with 90-year-old strings on it. I found it behind the piano at Tami's house, where I was house- and dog-sitting. It's a beautiful intrument, Tami's piano. Shiny and new. I almost hated to put little stickers on the keys, and then I did forget to take them off, to my later embarrassment. The piano does not "appear" on this recording, because it sounded way too good for my purposes, and I couldn't figure out how to quite muddy it up. Like most of my songs, I wrote this one in the car. And just sang it and sang it and sang it until I got it down. Now it's yours!



  1. John, I'm hoping you heard my round of applause from over here in the UK. Very nice song.

  2. Hi Martin & Willow: So glad you both enjoyed Sister Exister's song--thanks!

  3. I will miss Sister Exister, it has been a great series so far. Look forward to the next singer.

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