Friday, July 9, 2010

Homegrown Radio 7/9/10

Friday is upon us once again, dear readers, & that means Homegrown Radio.  We’re back with another song from Sister Exister, AKA L.E. Leone, & this one’s a dandy.  A solo performance, it’s a great example of Sister Exister’s ear for sweet melodies combined with an ear (& mind) that's chock full of wonderful wordplay.  If you like what you’re hearing from Sister Exister, please consider checking out her album, Scratch, which is available here on CDBaby.

& let’s see what Sister Exister has to say about her song "When You Come Home:"

I'm not sure what to call this song.... The cough at the beginning and the siren at the end are happy accidents I decided to keep. Other accidents were not so lucky. You can imagine: my desk (and therefore recording studio) is under a street-level window...Percussion this time includes a lamp, a butter knife on a plate, a red wooden box with a lot of papers in it, and a "gourmet pecan" tin. I think I did almost all of it on Monday. It's about a guy I used to date a couple years ago. I've never smoked, myself, but really do like the taste of it on others.



  1. Hmmmm... As a former smoker who's had two heart attacks and quintuple bypass surgery, I'm really hoping this is satire, coz in real life terms it really isn't funny.

  2. Hi Roy: I'm also an ex-smoker & have a chronic lung condition that was very much exacerbated by smoking (not strictly speaking"caused" by it, since the condition is genetic, but I'd be in way better shape today had I not smoked, even with this genetic problem), so I get where you're coming from. But I still like the song.

  3. what a song! i can't even tell if tex willimas' "smoke, smoke, smoke" is satire or not, so i can't weigh in.

    but i know the feeling just the same.

  4. Hi Scotty: "Smoke, smoke, smoke that cigarette" is a great song.


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