Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Two Octets from Late April

28th Ave Coincidence of Opposites Octet

across this one page of today the letters
for sunlight scribbled in the cherry petals’

flutter & spin, the walk light flashing, a plane
sailing west between black power lines & white

cirrus spindrift, steel-gray sedan’s back window
mottled with blossoms at the intersection,

the stoplight changing—black sign rising by that
blue bus stop bench, a white heart at its center


Greenwich Ave Transfiguration Octet

the maple’s new leaves carry a charge of light,
as if offshoots of the same April air poured

into the tulips’ purple cups; the same air
the rosemary branches reach through; the silence

of bluebells, dry song of bamboo wind chimes on
the porch in a breeze I hadn’t noticed; air

currents rippling with geese transformed to trumpets,
their big formation flying into the sun

Jack Hayes
© 2017

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