Monday, May 1, 2017

April Moon

(8 quatrains)

1. new moon

irregular ticking of the first raindrops
rattles ironwood leaves, last autumn's echoes;

in streetlights the plum blossoms change to fresh snow:
hard to say if that blank sky’s empty or full

2. waxing crescent

petals drop from those two star magnolias
standing against sunset light & the airplanes

emerging from it; a few blossoms nod in
this breeze subtle as the silver lunar curve

3. half moon

where the street curves north the serviceberries bloom
white five-pointed stars & tree lilacs quiver

in the breeze & the flurry of mason bees:
half moon dozes silver past the maple’s hands

4. waxing gibbous

white daffodils show their faces through chain link
diamonds; a woman passes, transparent

umbrella warding off the streetlight drizzle:
pear tree blossoms reflect this flowering moon

5. full moon

blinds opened, each slat shifts from light to shadow
angling away from the floor lamp: black roof draws

its edge between security lights below
& that moon shifting between the slats of clouds

6. waning gibbous

that scrub jay flying west turns black against clouds;
one crow walks across a white picnic table;

pattern of wires across an unsettled sky
where a shrinking moon sinks into blue morning

7. last quarter

cherry petals in this west wind: falling
stars, the pavement a galaxy of what was—

raindrops turn visible striking the sidewalk:
half moon sinks in the folds of white cloud blossoms

8. waning crescent

low clouds follow the curve of weeping birch boughs
pointing toward a white sun where overcast

accumulates again above one crow’s flight:
last crescent in search of one last blue island

Jack Hayes
© 2017

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