Tuesday, May 9, 2017



I feel God who walks
so much in me, with the evening and the sea.
With him we move along together. It gets dark.
With him we get dark. Orphaned…

But I feel God. And it even seems
he teaches me such a good color I’m speechless.
Like a hospital, he’s kind and sad;
shows a lover’s sweet disdain:
your heart, it must ache so much.

Oh my God, I’ve just come to you,
today I love so much in the evening, today
in the false balance of some breasts,
I gauge and weep for a fragile Creation.

And you, what will you weep for?… You, lover
with such an enormous whirling breast…
I consecrate you, God, because you love so much;
because you never smile; because always
your heart, it must ache so much.

César Vallejo, “Dios”
Translation by Jack Hayes

Image links to its source on Wiki Commons:
"La Solitude du Christ": Alphonse Osbert - oil on painting. 1897.

Public domain

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