Monday, May 15, 2017

Three Octets from a Wednesday

Kerby Ave Aspects of the Moon Octet

where the white dogwood bracts lay open in noon
light: full moons by the dozen; the cabbage white

floating amongst the bluebells: another moon
moving across a blue sky; the rickety

pergola’s naked archway leads toward that
gray-shingled cottage—does anyone live there?

hours still until tonight's moon comes in view;
the cabbage white rises above the lilacs


Vancouver Ave Childhood Octet

the ladybug moves down the rose leaf’s slope
like a drop of water down a slight incline--

the wasp darts from stem to stem as each angles
out from chain link like these photons scattering

in brilliant noon; the cabbage white threads between
three plastic rocking horses guarding front steps

like a breeze from a spring afternoon you half
recollect, half tell yourself in this story


Greenwich Ave Gardening Octet

in one raised bed a cracked green teapot next to
a bent tomato cage listing slightly north—

one vermilion metal hummingbird, larger
than life, & one pale yellow watering can

found in a second—two pink flamingos, shards
of a ceramic vase show up in a third—

the beds yield their crop of dandelion clocks
& each one’s set to a different hour

Jack Hayes
© 2017

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