Monday, May 22, 2017

Mississippi Ave Metamorphosis Octets

Mississippi Ave Metamorphosis Octet #1

moss on the retaining wall looks like rust in
three dimensions—despite this, the thistle blooms

purple & spiked as an undersea creature
brought up into sun & concrete & the drone

of the #4 bus downhill, the folded
crimson sidewalk umbrellas, the locked black bike—

over wine at the picnic table, their arms
entwined, the couple meld into someone new


Mississippi Ave Metamorphosis Octet #2

crow flies up the avenue hangs a right on
Skidmore, is gone—one person on crutches waits

at the bus stop—Japanese maple below
that white enamel pot dangling & dented in

the restaurant window has been restored to
green—what had seemed so certainly a dogwood

inflorescence flies off as a cabbage white;
catalpa’s heart leaves caw a crow’s waltz time song

Jack Hayes
© 2017

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