Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Writers Talk – Coming Soon!

Happy Tuesday afternoon!  I’m here with coming distractions—yes, in honor of Robert Frost’s Banjo’s 2-year anniversary, we’re starting a new series called Writers Talk.

Those of you who’ve been following this blog for some time may remember the Musical Questions interview series.  My blog co-conspirators Eberle & Audrey & I formulated a baker’s dozen worth of questions & circulated them among various musician friends.  The resulting interviews were posted irregularly on Sundays & to date that series has been one of my personal favorites. 

As regular readers know, I’m creatively schizophrenic—I play music in a semi-serious way & also write poetry (in somewhat the same manner, tho it’s more complicated).  So we’ve decided to do the same sort of series, except for writers.  Eberle & I composed 7 questions (assuming writers’ answers may be longer than musicians!) & I’ve been busily recruiting writers to join in the fun—in fact, as of this writing, it looks like we’re booked thru October!  Writers Talk will be posted most, but not all Thursdays.

& our lead-off writer, this Thursday, 8/19: none other than Eberle Umbach herself!  Eberle will be followed next Thursday (8/26) by a new face to Robert Frost’s Banjo, Jessica Fox-Wilson of the excellent everything feeds process blog—so keep on the lookout for announcements, because participants will include both the folks you know well from Robert Frost’s Banjo & a lot of new (to our readers) & exciting writers.

I've also started a new blog (no content quite yet) called Writers Talk.  This blog won't be a repository for the actual interviews (at least for the foreseeable future) but will be a place where the participating writers can post work samples if they choose—not all the writers who'll be participating have a blog or other web presence of their own.  As an added incentive: we will be posting the first several pages of Eberle's novel The Sportswoman's Notebook on the Writers Talk blog to accompany her Thursday interview!

I’m totally jazzed about this series & hope you’ll enjoy it too.  be sure to tune in Thursday morning (US Mountain Time) for our first installment with Eberle Umbach!

Update: In other news, in the believe it or not department: There will be a new post on the Alcools blog tomorrow morning.  Hoping to get back on a regular schedule there.

For the curious: the pic shows (from left to right) Gertrude Stein, Mina Loy & Ezra Pound


  1. Since I'm in this kind of mood today...YES!!

  2. Hi Willow & Karen: Thanks to you both for your Forster-esque enthusiasm!

  3. Oh, I wish I had one of those old typewriters!
    Looking forward to this, John.


  4. Hi Kat: I used to have an old Royal I typed everything on! Thanks, I'm really excited about this as well!


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