Friday, August 20, 2010

Homegrown Radio 8/20/10

Hi folks!  Thank goodness it’s Friday, right?especially since we get to hear a new song by Carrie Bradley.  In fact, Carrie submitted two songs this week—a re-mix of last week’s “Small Awe,” plus a new song called “Lurking Curve.”  Thanks to the wonders of html embedding, you can select any of Carrie’s three songs to listen to on the mp3 player below!

& don’t forget—Carrie’s band 100 Watt Smile has a cd for sale on CDBaby right here.  I’m a big fan of 100 Watt Smile myself.  Please consider giving their cd a try!

& now, let’s read what Carrie has to say about these songs:

1. I couldn't bear to leave "Small Awe" as was, because I like the song but the fi was so low and fee and fo, on the recommendation of Scotty Houston, I went out and got myself a Tascam DP-004 portable digital 4-track. What a relief. I really like, because though low on built-in effects including EQ (although capable of exporting to Garageband, so someday, when I get my sound card fixed, can go there with it), it's (as said) portable as well as super-duper easy...I loved the interface for tracking, mixing, mastering, and transferring to computer—all very simple. I hooked up a Shure 57 (although Scotty vouches for the two built-in mics) and went! The results, with just a few "P" pops this time to wince over:

2. This week's song: "Lurking Curve." It occurs to me, my theme for this series seems to have evolved as Small Things and Round Things. I won't explicate, but I'm pretty sure the motifs are there for people outside of my head...for example, this one includes an hourglass and a crystal ball and a grain of sand and a wish. I wish it also included a catchy chorus, usually a goal of mine, but not this time—I was rushing in from a couple of days on the beach, which perhaps explains the oceany bits.

Thanks, Carrie!  Hope you enjoy the songs!


  1. This is the greatest song ever recorded. It honestly made me teary with happiness. I am afraid I will never again be able to listen to any song with anything but fiddle on it and not consider it polluted.

  2. Wow. I was talking about Lurking Curve in my first comment. Small Awe really blossoms in this new recording. I really am too excited to be commenting.

  3. Beautiful, almost enchanting.Great work John, this radio programme is a cool idea.And Carrie, I hope you find the owl!

  4. Hi Ray: All three songs are great--you're right, the new mix for Small Awe is awesome--pun intended. & thanks for spreading the word so well for all the Homegrown Radio posts on FB!

    Hi TFE: So glad you liked them! How have you been?

  5. Delightful - quirky and zen-like little songs, quite unlike anything I've come across before.

  6. Hi Dick: Carrie's music is really great--she's one of the very best songwriters I've ever known!

  7. Hi all--

    Thanks very much for taking the time to comment. It's been a privilege, a challenge, and a pleasure to write for John's Homegrown show--and also a help for working my muscles after semiretirement...

    Ray--really?? thanks!

    Totalfeck--Thank you! I hope so too, and also I feel like I do, every day, see at least one owl, if I set my mind to's like seeking to enchant and be enchanted as well, in a way...same to you!

    Dick--Thank you too; I much appreciate every adjective you apply to these humble efforts.

    thanks for inviting me, John!



  8. Hi Carrie: You & your music are always most welcome on RFBanjo!


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