Friday, August 27, 2010

Homegrown Radio 8-27-10

Happy Friday, all!  I’m back from the wilds of western Oregon in time to post our final song (for the nonce) from August’s Homegrown Radio artist, Carrie Bradley.  I’ll be sad to see Carrie’s Homegrown Radio contributions come to an end, but I’m also very much looking forward to our September artist, Scott Houston.  If you’d like a bit more background about Scott, please check out his Musical Questions interview here.

As a special treat to her Homegrown Radio fans, Carrie has kindly posted the lyrics to all four songs on a dedicated site right here.  I’m very happy about this, because as great as I think Carrie’s music is, I think her lyrics are just as good.  I’m sure you’ll agree!  Lyrics to individual songs may be accessed at the following links:

“The 1812 Overture of 2006 (Neves 2010)”  (this week’s song!)
“Lurking Curve”
“Small Awe”
“Finder of the Owl”

Now let’s see what Carrie has to say:

Well, here is song number 4, and the last. I must not want this great fun to end, because there is a Part Two that emerged late in the recording, and exists half-baked, and now seems rather crucial to the shape of the song as a whole, but is not here. I will just have to spring it on Homegrown Radio listeners in an unexpected moment. Or, oh, next week, as an epiloguey comment...

Speaking of shape, my theory last week that my theme has evolved as Small Things and Round Things mostly holds true--there is an eye/window to soul here, a mouth, an ass, a navel (and the uterus it rode in on)...although the round curved a bit, into the shape of a heron's neck...along with my ever-present subtext of order V chaos. I was working up to that little spotlight that a clown—the one I want is Carol Burnett, at the end of her show, did that happen??—sweeps into a smaller and smaller circle in the dark...that shall be my epilogue!

But for now, thank you for having me, John, thank you all for listening, and look forward to the next Homegrower!

You are always welcome here, Carrie!  Thanks yourself.


  1. Beautiful soothing song! Good post!

  2. Hi Dibakar: So glad you enjoyed it--thanks!

  3. ride the hard seat. carrie, thanks for all these. so much.

  4. Hi Scotty: Hasn't this been great? You're on deck, my friend!

  5. Thank you much, Dibakar! And Scotty--thank you for listening and all your lovely comments. Can't wait for your round!!!


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