Saturday, August 28, 2010

Random Saturday

Happy weekend, everybody!  Just a few random notes here:

This spring, Eberle & I were interviewed for the Art & Soul program on Boise Public Radio, & that interview just aired this week.  You can listen to it here
& there’s music involved as well as talking!  Many thanks to Sadie Babits who did such a fine job with the interview & assembling the finished show!

In other news: fire season came late to Idaho, but it has come.  We’re safe & sound, but there have been a couple of fires within 20 miles of us, one of which threatened to burn down the defunct Tamarack resort on West Mountain.  This time of the year, the presence of fire is an unsettling reality throughout the west….

I’ll be playing the Council Farmer’s Market this morning & afternoon—looking forward to that, as always.

& don’t forget: we’ll be serializing B.N.’s story “The Lost Train” starting on Monday & with installments on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday.  “The Lost Train,” which appeared previously in The Gettysburg Review, is a very good story—B.N.’s writing talents aren’t limited to poetry by any means.  Please take a few minutes next week & read this story right here on Robert Frost’s Banjo!

Also: if you missed them earlier, I definitely recommend Carrie Bardley's latest Homegrown Radio offering & Jessica Fox-Wilson's Writers Talk interview.

Finally: I’m completely besotted with the Carolina Chocolate Drops, a great old-time (& more!) band.  I’ll be writing about them more in September but for now, please check out this video of “Memphis Shakedown.”  Anyone who thinks the kazoo is not a real musical instrument, please take note of Rhiannon Giddens’ performance!  & her bandmates Dom Flemons (on guitar) & Justin Robinson (jug) are also top-notch.  They’re all multi-instrumentalists & play up a storm with various combinations of guitar, banjo, fiddle, beatboxing, snare drum etc.


Pic shows Eberle & Sadie Babits during the interview


  1. Carolina Chocolate Drops was a great addition to my Saturday morning! Fun!! Cool interview with BPR. Enjoy the farmer's market gig, as well as your weekend, John.

  2. a Busy Time John! Thanks for the introduction to C.C.D's! They are Good, as ways The Interview.Hey.Sit Down Man & Rest Sometime!
    Have A Fine Weekend.

  3. Wow! You're certainly busy these days!

    I discovered the Carolina Chocolate Drops about a year ago and I've been a fan ever since. Somebody sent me a link to the version of "Hit 'Em Up Style" on YouTube, and not long after that I heard a concert/interview on public radio. Definitely great stuff!

  4. Hi Willow, Tony, Dianne & Roy

    Willow: Thanks! Glad you liked the interview & CCDs!

    Tony: No time to rest now! You have a good weekend, too! Thanks.

    Dianne: Amen to that.

    Roy: Yes, there are a few versions of that on YT, all good. Talk about a cover version making a song!

  5. Loved that performance, so much joy and energy in it (and the kazoo player especially was amazing).

  6. Hi HKatz: You've summed it up perfectly! Rhiannon Giddens (the kazoo player) is a truly amazing performer--she also sings, plays banjo & fiddle; Flemons plays banjo too, & Robinson plays fiddle--a very talented trio!

  7. Love the Carolina Chocolate Drops, John. Great stuff! Have you heard of the Old Crow Medicine Show? We saw them at the Cambridge Folk Festival back in 2005. Well worth checking out.

  8. Hi Martin: hadn't heard of them--what a great band name! Will check them out.


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