Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Into the West

Greetings! This is being written in a Comfort Inn in the midst of Wisconsin's own little Disneyland, Wisconsin Dells - a yellow SUV with a Buffalo on top - water parks - candy shops - every variety of fast food, tho it must be added, none of the fast food joints have the usual air of squalor - a trim setting -

By the time you read this, however, I'll be well on my way down the road: the last 100 miles of Wisconsin - Minnesota - then back into the Wild West as I travel across South Dakota....

I'll be trying to get as close to the Badlands as possible today, & hope to take a mini tour of that area tomorrow - I have a couple of folks to thank for this idea: my friend Molly in Lyme, CT & the very delightful Mouse of Mouse Medicine & The Lakewood Daily Snap.

This trip has been deeply satisfying, & one of the great pleasures I've experienced has been meeting four blog friends: Willow, Raquel, Jacqueline & Mouse. Mouse has the same upbeat & infectious energy in person that one finds on her great blogs - & she made a lunch of grilled cheese & tomat
o soup - pretty much an all-time personal favorite combo for me! In addition, Mouse & I had very helpful route planning session, & if I had any doubts about whether to see the Badlands or not, that discussion cinched my decision.

It was also rather amazing to turn onto her street in Lakewood, OH & say to myself: "I've seen
this before" - because I have, on both her fine blogs. For those of you who aren't familiar with Mouse Medicine & The Lakewood Daily Snap, you really must check them out - great photos & commentary.

From here on out I should be checking in each evening & morning - thanks everyone for sticking with the irregular posting schedule!

Top Photo: Wisconsin Dells
Bottom Photo: Mouse & Me: photo by Mouse


  1. Wonder if you saw signs for Tunnel City or Fort McCoy. Uncle Sam claimed eminent domain over Lemon Valley and used it as a gunnery range during World War II. That was our place once ...

    "There is this silence in the Badlands, and over Kansas the whole universe is stilled like the whisper of a prayer ..."

    Stifling jealousy over here in Weiser at your adventures. You know, my dad used to make grilled cheese and tomato soup when I was about 5, when he was working out of the house and my mom was not. Good times.

  2. Great idea about going to the Badlands; looking forward to your account and the photos.

    I remember reading some really good descriptions of the Badlands, maybe in one of Kathleen Norris's books (probably Dakota) though I'm not sure.

    Safe travels!

  3. aw gee..... thanks....i think i like being infectious with that 'bug' and this comment of yours reminds me of a wonderful quote (which embraces mouse medicine) that will be appearing tomorrow for the TT post on the infectious nature of smiles!

    travel well friend!

    the badlands are so bad they are GREAT!!

  4. As one who yet has to fulfill the great American tour, I'm hanging on behind here.

  5. For your next trip you must set your horizons wider. I doubt if I could match the cooking and route-planning skills of mouse (I can't manage her photographic skills either) but at least I would be able to take you to a decent pub.

  6. Hi Tomm, HKatz, Mouse, Dick & Alan

    Tomm: I missed those spots--of course the Badlands area was used as a minuteman missle area....

    HKatz: Thanks--I should be posting that in a little while!

    Mouse: Badlands are simply amazing! Thanks!

    Dick: Glad to have you along!

    Alan: I have a rather florid fear of flying, but who knows? I'd like to see the UK & meet my UK blog friends.

  7. How cool that you have met these blogger friends. Isn't it great that we form these fluid friendships in cyberspace. Looking forward to more photos & commentary.

  8. Hi Lizzy: Meeting Willow, Raquel, Jacqueline & Mouse was a real high point of the trip!


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